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Bingo Fest FAQ

New players to online and mobile bingo games often have some east to answer questions. Just head to the FAQ section and get answers to often asked questions.

At Bingo Fest you can get simple questions like the following answered online. Plus for more in depth information just contact char and support.

FAQ Topics

1 – What software technology does BingoFest use and what do I need to play?
2 – Is bingo the only game I can play?
3 – What are Premium Games?
4 – What are my options for depositing money into my account?
5 – How secure is BingoFest
6 – How much does it cost to play at BingoFest
7 – How much can I win at BingoFest
8 – If I win, how do I get paid?
9 – Is there a limit to how much I can play, deposit, or payout?
10 – Do I have the ability to view all of my account information such as transactions, wagers, deposits, and payouts?
11 – How can I be sure that the games are fair?
12 – What happens if I lose my Internet connection, or I am otherwise booted out of the game while playing?
13 – If I have never really played bingo, should I play at BingoFest
14 – What are other benefits of playing at BingoFest
15 – Can I make money if I refer another player to BingoFest?
16 – As a player, are there responsibilities I should know about?
17 – What is the minimum age to play?
18 – I have a question that is not answered here, what do I do?
19 – Ok, how do I sign-up?
20 – My bingo game isn’t performing smoothly, what can I do to experience better gameplay?
21 – What are some other things that I can do to improve performance?
22 – Is more than one account permitted in the same household?
23 – Do I receive a Birthday Bonus at BingoFest?
24 – What do I do if I have a gambling problem?
25 – Release Consent Form

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